Saturday, September 19, 2015


I conduct workshops every year at SnowFarm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.  This year I did a Plein Air Workshop and painted the beautiful landscape of the Berkshires.  I also am including some evening demo that I did for my students using fruit to illustrate painting principles that they could use in their landscapes.


I had the honor of painting with George Van Hook in Cambridge, NY.  I had a total blast with him and the locations he selected were fantastic.  Being in Florida most of the year I looked forward to painting a whole new landscape, one with far away vistas and mountain ranges. Loved every moment  of the experience.The first one is a painting that I did from a photograph that I took on the way to George's.  We don't have a lot of old barns in Southern Florida.    Below that are two painting that I produced While painting with George.

On The Way To George's, Oil on Canvas, 18x24

Cambridge Valley, Oil on Panel, 12x16 Above, Cambridge Valley 2, Oil on Panel, 9x12 Below.


It has been since May that I have posted anything on my blog.  I had a fabulous summer and it all started with a workshop that I gave in Arles, France.  We followed in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh, painted in the locations that he painted in and it really brought art history alive by doing it.  I have such a good connection to Vincent now that I have this experience.  The images below are all demo pieces that I produced during the workshop.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


It was another beautiful day in Palm Beach County and the morning was just one of those days that you say, "God I am so lucky to live here!"  I think the part of plein air painting that I like the best is listening to the sounds of nature as all the creatures talk to you while you are painting.  The playfulness of the birds, the croaking of the frogs and the strange sounds that the alligators produce  all make for a wonderful musical treat to the ears.  But of course, you can't overlook the absolutely overwhelming beauty of nature that is in front of you and is your model for the days work.  There is nothing better for the soul and your spirit!  #plein air #Palm Beach #oil painting #Loxahatchee Wildlife Preserve

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I LOVE KEY WEST!  This was a location that I just had to paint one morning while on my morning walk.  I loved all of the fences, pilasters, verticals and horizontal lines in the one small area between a number of buildings.  I also loved all of the color that was happening,  the neutrals mixed with bright pinks and ochre colors and all of the greens of the foliage.  What a way to start the day!


These paintings below were all produced in Ted Hartley/Dina Merrill's weekly watercolor classes at their home in Palm Beach, Florida.  The classes are great to teach because the student ratio is low and it is in a relaxing atmosphere of drinks, food and great music.  Each photo shows a different  emphasis each week on a particular challenge and painting concept.

For the love of painting and friendship!!!!
in the bi-weekly classes.

LESSON 1: This exercise was to emphasis the development of aerial perspective. The idea that the visual elements lessen in size, value and color intensity as they recede into the back of the painting.  

LESSON 2: This was an exercise in perspective and understanding the concept of warm and cool and the  use of complimentary colors. 

LESSON 3: This was a lesson in perspective and composition.  The road takes you to the left of the painting and the challenge was how to balance the painting and take your eye to the right.  The addition of the hunters shack helped balance the work and bring your eye to the right side of the painting. Colors were also brighter and more intense in the front and more grayed and higher in value, all of this adding to the sense of depth and perspective.

LESSON 4: This exercise was on developing a high key value painting and giving the painting a sense of depth.  The wintery scene was perfect because while we were enjoying bright beautiful skies and warm weather here in Florida the rest of the country was knee deep in snow. 

LESSON 5: This lesson was to challenge the students to learn to simplify.  They had to take a picture of a very complicated urban scene and  edit and use only the essential elements to express the scene. 

LESSON 6: This takes aerial perspective to a new level.  The original picture was taken from an airplane  and is of a very industrial area, an environmental nightmare,  with very little color.  The challenge was getting that haze registered in the horizon and giving it a sense of depth while make an interesting painting with a message. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015


The 2015 Plein Air Convention in Monterey, California was an exceptionally well done event.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves to do Plein Air Painting or just painting in general.  It was such an honor to meet some of the artists that I have admired for a long time and got an opportunity to meet and talk to them.  You can't go wrong being in the company of George Carlson, Jim McVicker and George Von Hook.  Not to mention a lot of other artists that are exceptionally good.

Jim McVicker and me.

Jeff Markowsky, Jim McVicker and George Von Hook

Myself, George Carlson and Jean Chase

Painting in Cortona

Painting in Cortona
City of Cortona with view of valley

Painting of View of Cortona Valley

Painting of View of Cortona Valley
It was such a lovely day we painted in the piazza overlooking the valley. The round building in the foreground is actually part of the original wall that surrounds Cortona.

Cortona View Lake Trasimento from Piazza Garibaldi

Cortona Italy Workshop

The workshop was a very successful and met everyones expectations. The Villa di Piazzano was an outstanding small hotel that lived up to its rating of four stars. The staff was very accommodating and helpful. Our tour excursions to Florence, Sienna and Montepulciano were very fun and helped to take the participants minds off of the pressure of producing a painting.

I am currently in the planning stages of producing my next workshop and if anyone would like to be put on the list of perspective participants please email me at

The pictures below will give you taste of our Plein Air Painting Adventure.

Courtyard of Hotel di Piazzano

Painting in the courtyard

View of Cortona in the distance.

Scouting painting sites.

Group painting in country side

Plein Air Passion

My real passion is for plein air painting. Love the challenge that you have to deal with when painting outside. I personally think it makes you a better painter because you have to deal with so many unforeseen circumstances that come your way but also you have a better handle on light, darks and textures that you don't get from working in a studio and from photos. The following is a sample of some of my most recent work done en plein air. This painting is currently being shown in a group show at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council in Lake Worth, FL and runs through the middle of September, 2013.

Apoxee Landscape

Apoxee Landscape

The path at Apoxee Park

Demo piece at Jupiter Beach Park.

Four Arts Lily Pads One

Four Arts Lily Pads One

Four Arts Lily Pads Two

Four Arts Lily Pads Two

Still Life

I generally do still lives as exercises and demonstrations for my painting classes. Featured below are samples of those pieces.

Bright Red Cup

Bright Red Cup

Blue Bottle with Violets One

Blue Bottle with Violets One